Adult PRIMAL RunAmoc

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We are excited to introduce our new 5mm Omniflex sole for Dash and Primal RunAmocs. Omniflex features superior traction with optimal flexibility and groundfeel. Learn more.

Looking for smaller sizes? Check out our Youth Primal RunAmoc.

With our groundbreaking Primal shoe, we’re busting boundaries and embracing the natural physiology of the human foot like never before. This minimal footwear design is the perfect marriage of modern innovation with a pre-shoe-era mindset when our feet could wildly roam the Earth, unencumbered.

As shoemakers, we understand that one shoe does not fit all. Over the years, some of our customers have been asking for even more toe room, and this design is an answer to that enthusiastic feedback. This shoe will be the ideal solution for anyone seeking to maintain or restore natural foot function.

This Primal RunAmoc is a versatile crossover that will seamlessly transition from athletic shoe and an everyday casual shoe. Whether you’re hunting for new adventures on a trail or gathering the kids from practice, this shoe will give you the flexible, strong foundation you need. And barefoot runners, tell your toes to get ready to flex, spread and party like it’s the Paleolithic era!

  • Innovative sole shape with extra roomy toe box.
  • Flexible, breathable materials for the ultimate in free foot movement.
  • Made with premium, responsibly sourced leathers.
  • Zero drop 5mm VibramTM Omniflex rubber sole (more sole options are available when you customize this shoe).
  • Padded breathable tongue for snug, secure fit.
  • Rubber toe cap protects front of shoe.
  • Expanded lacing system with extra eyestays for a customized fit.
  • Can be worn with or without socks.
  • Made in USA: designed and handcrafted in Oregon

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