Baby Merry Jane

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Need a larger size? Check out our Child Merry Jane.

Yes, there are a lot of mary janes out there. And yes, most of them succeed in making your toddler look like a precious, vintage baby doll. Any of those shoes would be just fine...if your little one were a porcelain toy that sat quietly on a shelf! For the real, very active child that you actually have, however, you're going to want a shoe that is as comfortable as it is adorable. After all, what good is a cute shoe that your child can't stand?

Our Baby and Toddler Leather Merry Jane is different. Softstar has taken this sweet, classic style and made it soft, flexible, and wearable--no pinching toes, slippery soles, or unhealthy heels here! With a soft leather body and scalloped trim, this lovely style transitions seamlessly from formal events to playground games. Comfy, cute, and versatile, this shoe is such a crowd pleaser, we had to call it "Merry" :)

  • Zero-drop 3mm VibramTM Pyramid sole.
  • Elastic band connects buckle to shoe for flexible comfort and easy on/off
  • Designed and handcrafted in Oregon, USA

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