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Need a larger size? Check out our Child Rambler.

Softstar is a sustainable company that strives to “walk lightly upon the Earth,” and we know our customers do too! However, low in impact is one thing... light of foot is another. Our First Steps Baby Moccasin Rambler is perfect for babies who are ready to start exploring the big bad world on their own two feet. Elastic concealed in the ankle seam secures the shoe to the foot while enabling the wearer to slip it on and off with ease. Made with our suede innersole, and genuine sheepskin innersole inserts can be added for moisture-wicking temperature regulation from summer to winter. Ramble on, comfort-lovers, ramble on!

  • Zero-drop 3mm VibramTM Pyramid sole.
  • Suede innersoles (sheepskin innersole inserts can be added separately)
  • Indoor/outdoor shoe
  • Elastic ankle closure - Easy on, secure it, easy off!
  • Designed and handcrafted in Oregon, USA

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