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Rada’s Cheese Knife is unique, with a sleek design. This knife features a 5¼" surgical-quality, T420 high-carbon stainless steel serrated blade manufactured exclusively with cheese in mind. It easily cuts soft cheeses like Brie and hard cheeses like cheddar.

The blade’s specially designed cutouts reduce resistance, allowing the cheese to release while cutting. The ridge along the top gently separates cheese slices, ensuring clean, perfect portioning, while the forked end pierces and holds the slices for convenient serving.

Available in two handle finishes—solid brushed aluminum and black stainless steel resin.

The Rada Cutlery Cheese Knife is also available in The Starter Gift Set - Part 2. 

Customers agree that this Cheese Knife is outstanding and indispensable.

  •  Blade Length: 5¼"

     Total Length: 9⁵/8" 

     Blade Material: Surgical-Quality, T420 High-Carbon Stainless Steel

     Black Handle Material: Molded Resin

     Silver Handle Material: Cast Aluminum

     Country of Production: USA

     Product Warranty: The Lifetime Guarantee

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