RELAX Aromatherapy Dough - Lavender

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Relaxing Lavender Therapy Putty

Bring the spa home with our luxurious lavender therapy putty! Aroma Dough® RELAX is expertly made in small batches with a blend of 100% natural and hypoallergenic lavender and jasmine essential oils to invoke instant calm and relaxation. It’s sensory play at its finest, allowing you to take a break from the chaos of your day with natural anti-anxiety relief and calming effects.

One deep breath of our lavender scented playdough and you’ll be instantly transported to a calmer mind, with scents that are proven to help you find your zen. The essential oils are released as you knead, stretch, and roll this lavender aromatherapy putty, nourishing your hand and mind muscles while you relax. 

Vegan and GMO-free, there are no artificial ingredients in our relaxing putty, making Therapy Dough RELAX completely safe for users of all ages, including children. It’s a product that the whole family will enjoy, and a perfect choice for schools, birthdays, treats, gifts, and grab bags. Get a moment of mindfulness, and experience the difference that aromatherapy can make when it comes to quieting the mind and improving relaxation. 

Age Recommendation:  For Ages Three years and Over.  As with any small child, parental supervision is recommended and encouraged.  Although it is made with 99% food based ingredients, it is not intended to be consumed.

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