PUMPKIN SPICE Aroma Dough Aromatherapy Dough Gluten Free

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  • The Original Therapy Dough: Rebalance your mood and de-stress with Aroma Dough's squeezeable ball of therapy putty (Gluten Free too!)
  • THE PERFECT PUMPKIN SPICE SCENT FOR THE FALL SEASON: Escape your stress filled day with our "Squeeze, Knead and Breathe" technology which releases the calming smell of PUMPSKIN SPICE in the air while you work out any tension. Perfect Stocking Stuffer Gift and those who love the smell of Fall.
  • RELAXATION IN A SQUEEZE: Specially blended Natural Aromatherapy in a squeeze to holistically help relieve stress, anxiety, depression and improve overall uplifting spirit.
  • CONVENIENT: Leave our Therapy Dough one at your desk at the office, in your purse or laptop case for instant therapy on the go. Great for anxious plane travelers too!
  • STRESS RELIEF: “Knead” a Break? This Therapy Dough works great for Adults and helps to strengthen hand muscles and nourish mind muscles too!

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