Silence HP Eco Hair Dryer Built in the USA

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This product is the definition of American Innovation! This isn’t your typical cheap, loud, noisy hair dryer. It’s the quietest hair dryer you will ever use, and it does a far superior job drying your hair. Most hair dryers work by blowing a ton of super hot air on the outside layer of your hair, leaving the inside damp. This is what causes styling breakdown and frizziness. The Silence HP gently dries your hair completely, causing less frizz and keeping your hair in place better and longer. The first time you use this product, you won’t believe it’s working because of how quiet it is, but you will be absolutely thrilled with the results. Professional salons absolutely love this product! Some key features include:

  • Quiet Operation – No motor noise; the only noise you hear is air movement
  • Uses up to 2/3 less energy than a traditional turbo dryer
  • Two heat settings and an instant cold shot button
  • 10 foot cord with in-line ALCI instead of a bulky plug
  • Lifetime Motor Warranty
  • Lifetime refurbishment and parts for a low service fee
  • Lead-free solder
  • Brushless motor that does not release carbon dust particles
  • Very low EMF emissions
  • Built-in air concentration chamber, eliminating the need for an air concentrator

Best of all, it’s Made in the USA, but with some foreign components, since there are some electrical components that are not currently manufactured in the USA. The company that manufactures this product is dedicated to keeping manufacturing here and is actively looking to replace any foreign components with USA alternatives once they become available in the USA.

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