Wooden Baby Toys - Bell Rattle

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Wooden baby Rattle - made in USA

Made in USAEco friendly

A classic toy that provides hours of stimulating entertainment and helps baby grasp the concept of cause and effect - it's no wonder the rattle is one of baby's first toys. This particular rattle has a clever design that easily lends itself to grasping, shaking and rolling. The free floating bell makes a lovely and gentle sound that you won't mind hearing again and again...and again! Because this safe and natural wooden rattle is so unique and finely crafted, it makes an excellent baby gift that will really stand out.

  • Rattle is 2.5" long
  • Oval ends measure 1.5" X 2.5"
  • Made in the USA
  • All natural child-safe finish
  • Made of Maple hardwood
  • Safely contains single sleigh bell

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